FaceMorpher Lite

FaceMorpher Lite 2.51

Makes face morphing videos from user-selected digital images
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Morphs the face in a image into one from another process and creates a video of the process. Adds a special visual effect to the morphing action.

FaceMorpher Lite is a free program that creates medium quality morphing videos from selected images. The "morphing" special effect, often seen is movies and TV shows, might have attracted and inspired you to create such morphing effect with your own image in to your loved ones or viceversa. FaceMorpher makes your dream come true. With their "Lite" version you can make such animations without much effort or knowledge of high end multimedia applications. This program needs you to select two images, one being the source and the other the target. It automatically detects the outline of the face in both images including eyebrows, eyes, nose & lips and outputs the resulting video. There is a facility for defining your own outline and adjustments of the vortex in the manual editor for better morphing quality. You can set the output size, type and quality in the movie preferences. If you want a smoother transition, it´s better to choose a bigger output file. FaceMorpher Lite supports multiple languages English, Slovak, German and Czech.

Prasanna Fadnis
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